Repertoire for Violin-Piccolo

All pieces was arranged for Violin-Piccolo by Grigory Sedukh

Repertoire for violin-piccolo

With orchestra

1. J.S.Bach. Piano concerto F-minor. Arranged for violin in g-minor. B.1056 (11 min)
2. J.S.Bach. Violin concerto A-minor. B.W.V. 1041. (14 min. 30 sec.)
3. J.S.Bach. Flute suite H-minor (ouverture No. 2) (23 min)
4. Ch. de Beriot. Violin concerto No. 9 A-minor. op.104. (15 min.30 sec.)
5. D. Bottesini. Concert Duet for Violin and ┬ouble-bass.
6. R.Drigo. Adagio from the ballet лArlequinade╗ (4 min)
7. J.Falik. Chamber concerto for three different flutes A-minor. (9 min
8. K.Gluck. Flute concerto G-major.
9. J. Ibert. Concerto Ц Simphony for oboe.
10. Arranged by F. KREISLER-Karsh. F.Lehar. Serenada (2 m)
11. Arranged by F. KREISLER-Karsh. R.Heuberger. ViennaТs Melody. (3m.)
12. F.KREISLER-Karsh. Syncopations (2 m 10 s.)
13. F. Mendelsson. Violin Concerto.
14. W.A.Mozart. Double concerto for flute and harp C-major. k.v.299 (30 min).
15. W.A.Mozart. Violin concerto No. 3 G-major. K.216 (25 min.)
16. W.A.Mozart. Flute concerto No. 2 D-major (16 min 30 sec)
17. N.Paganini. Violin concerto ╣4
18. S.Prokofiev. Violin Concerto No.1 Op. 19
19. P.I.Tchaikovsky. Entry and Adagio from Act I the ballet лSwan Lake╗ (4 min.45 sec.)
20. P.I.Tchaikovsky. Adagio from the Act II the ballet лSwan Lake╗ (4 min.45sec.)
21. P.I.Tchaikovsky. Russian Dance from the ballet лSwan Lake╗ (3 min.45 sec.)
22. P.I.TCHAKOVSKY. Violin solo from лThe Sleeping Beauty╗ (5 m 30 s.)
23. P.I.Tchaikovski. Melody. Op.42 No. 3 (3 min.45 sec.)
24. P.I.Tchaikovsky. Melancholy Serenade. Op.26 (9 min.30 sec.)
25. A.Vieuxtemps. Violin concerto No. 5 A-minor (24 min)
26. A.Vivaldi. Piccolo-flute concerto A-minor. Op.6 No. 9 (11 min)
27. A.Vivaldi. Violin concerto A-minor. Op.3 No. 6 (9 min)
28. A.Vivaldi. Flute concerto D-major. лLittle Goldfinch╗. op. 10 No. 3 (12 min)
29. A.Vivaldi. Violin concerto No. 3 G-minor. F.I No. 52
30. A.Vivaldi. Flute concerto C-minor
31. H.Wieniawski. Violin Concerto No. 2. Op.22

With chamber ensemble

1. L.V.Beethoven. Trio for piano, flute and bassoon. Wo O.37
2. W.A.Mozart. Flute quartet D-major. K.V.285 (Flute part)
3. W.A.Mozart. Sonata for Violin and Piano in B. KV454. (20 min. 15 sec.)
4. F.Schubert. Sonata in A for Violin and Piano. Op. Post.162 Ц 2 574.
5. A. Schnittke. Sonata for violin and piano ╣1
6. A. Schnittke. Suite in Old Style. (10min.30sec).
7. D.Shostakovich. Trio No.1
8. A.Vivaldi. Concerto for flute, violin, oboe, bassoon and cembalo.

With piano

I. ALBENIZ. Tango op.165 (2 m 40 s.)
V. Arzoumanov. Three Dances for violin and piano. Op.184
B. BARTOK. Romanian Folk Dances (8 min.)
V. Basner. Poem. Op.7, No 1. (5 min.)
╤h. De BERIOT. Scene de Ballet op 100 (11 m 30 s.) Violin concerto No. 9 └-minor. Op.104 (15 min.30 sec.)
E. BLOCH. Baal Shem (2 part Ц 6 min.)
J. Brahms. лContemplation╗ (2m. 50s.)
J. BRAHMS. Hungarian dance N 5 (2 m 10 s.)
J. BRAHMS. Hungarian dance N 7 (1 m 50 s.)
J. BRAHMS. Hungarian dance N 16 (2 m 20 s.)
J. BRAHMS. Hungarian dance N 6 (3 m 10 s.)
M. Costelnuovo-Tedesco. лFigaro╗. (6m.)
M. Costelnuovo-Tedesco. Tango. (2m.)
C. Debussy. лAfternoon Rest of Favn╗ (5m.)
C. Debussy. лGolliwoggТs cake-walk╗ (3m. 40s.)
R. Drigo. Adagio from the ballet лArlequinade╗ (4 min)
J. Gade. лTango Jalousie╗ (4m.)
M. GLINKA. Romance лThe Lark╗ (5 m 15 s.)
L. Godovsky. лOld Vienna╗ (1m. 30s.)
G.B. Grazioli. Adagio.
N. Karsh. Fantasy on the themes from the opera by P.I.Tchaikovsky лQueen of Spades╗
for regular violin and violin-piccolo. (22 m)
N. Karsh. лSuite-Fantasy╗ on the themes from the ballet by P.I.Tchaikovsky
A. KHATCHATURYAN. Sabre Dance from the ballet лGayane╗ (2 m 30 s.)
Arranged by F. KREISLER. R.HEUBERGER. ViennaТs Melody (3 m)
Arranged by F. KREISLER. F.LEHAR. Serenada (2 m)
Arranged by F. KREISLER. E.Poldini. Danced Doll
F.Kreisler. Rondino on theme by Beethoven (2 m 30 s.)
F. KREISLER. Syncopations (2 m 10 s.)
F. KREISLER. Cavatina (3 m 50 s.)
F. KREISLER. Allegretto in Bokkerini style (3 m)
F. KREISLER. In Tempo of the Menuet in Pugniani style (3 m 45 s.)
F. KREISLER. Mincings in Kuperen stule (2 m 30 s.)
F. Kreisler. March of the toy-soldiers (2 min.10 sec.)
A. Markov. лPorgy╗-Rhapsody on the themes from the opera by J. Gershvin лPorgi and Bass╗
A. Markov. лSpartak╗-Rhapsody on the themes from the ballet by A. KHATCHATURYAN лSpartak╗
J. Massenet. Meditation. (4 min. 30 sec.)
A. Mnatcakanyan. Nocturne.
V. Monti. Czardas.
Arrangament by A.Oratovsky. лFir-tree was born in the wood╗.
N. Paganini. Sonatina for violin and guitar No. 1. Op. No. 2 (2 min. 30 sec.)
N. Paganini. Sonatina for violin and guitar No. 3. Op. No. 6 ( 3 min)
N. PAGANINI. Sonatina No. 2 op. 2 No. 4 (2 m 40 s.)
N. PAGANINI. Cantabile (3 m 20 s.)
N. PAGANINI. Le Streghe op. 8 (10 m) (Dance of the Witches)
N. Paganini. лLe Carnaval De Venise╗
A. Piazzola. Tango:
лAdios Nonino╗ (5m.)
лLibertango╗ (4m.)
лObvilion╗ (3m. 30s.)
лYears of Solitude╗ (3m. 10s.)
лBordel 1900╗
лCafe 1930╗
лNightclub 1960╗
лConcert dТaujourdТhui╗
M. Ponce. лEsterlita╗ (4m.)
S. Prokofiev. March from an opera "Love to Three Oranges" (1m. 35s.)
S. Prokofiev. "Peter and Wolf " (3m. 35s.)
S. Prokofiev. лMasks╗ from the ballet лRomeo and Juliet╗ (2m. 05s.)
S. Prokofiev. "Dance of Antilles Girls" from the ballet "Romeo and Juliet" (2m. 05s.)
S. Prokofiev. "Montekki and Capuletti" from the ballet "Romeo and Juliet" (3m. 35s.)
S. Prokofiev. 5 pieces from the ballet лCinderella╗ (15 m.)
S. Prokofiev. Violin Sonata No. 2 Op.94-bis (22 min.)
P. Proscia лTell Me Now╗
S. RACHMANINOV. лThe Daisies╗ op. 38 N 3 (3 m 10 s.)
S. RACHMANINOV. Romance.(To Yuli Konyus) op.6, ╣1.
S. RACHMANINOV. лVokalise╗. Op.34, No14.
J. Raff. Cavatina. Op.85 No. 3 (3 min.30 sec.)
N. Rimsky-Korsakov. The Flight Of The Bumble-bee (1 min.30 sec.)
A. Rubinstain. Romance.
A. Rubinstain. Melody. (3 m).
R. Samson. лEine Kleine Gamelan Ц Musik╗. (3. min. 10 sec.)
C. Saint-Saens. Havanaise. (9 m. 30 s.)
D. Scarlatti. 5 violin sonatas with piano, cembalo , synthesizer, organ.
Sonata No. 1. K.77 (6 min)
Sonata No. 2. K.81 (8 min)
Sonata No. 3. K.89 (8 min)
Sonata No. 4. K.90 (12 min)
Sonata No. 5. K.91 (9 min)
D.Shostakovich. Romance from the cinema-film лGadfly╗
A. SKRIABIN. Etude op. 2 N 1 (2 m)
D. Smorgonskaya.. л Shagal''s Stained-Glass Windows л. (10 m.)
J.Strauss. Ouverture from the operette лFledermaus╗
I.Stravinsky. lullaby from the ballet лFire-bird╗
I.Stravinsky. Russian Dance from the ballet лPetrushka╗
I.Stravinsky. Russian Song from the opera лMavra╗
I.Stravinsky. Pastorale
P.I. Tchaikovsky. Entry and Adagio from лSwan Lake╗ (act I) (4 min. 45 sec.)
P.I. Tchaikovsky. Adagio from лSwan Lake╗ (act II) (6 min.)
P.I.Tchaikovsky. Russian Dance from лSwan Lake╗ (3 min.45 sec.)
P.I.Tchaikovsky. Melody Op.42 No. 3 (3 min.45 sec.)
P.I.Tchaikovsky. Melancholic Serenade. Op.26. (9 min.30 sec.)
P.I. Tchaikovsky. лPassionate Declaration╗ (3 min. 10 sec.)
P.TCHAKOVSKY. Violin solo from лSleeping Beauty╗ (5 m 30 s.)
P.I.Tchaikovsky. Extracts from лChildrenТs album╗ and лThe Seasons╗
Italian ditty. Op.39 No. 15 (50 sec)
Organ-grinder. Op.39 No. 23 (1 min.10 sec)
Early French song. Op.39 No. 16 (1 min)
Sad ditty. Op.40 No. 2 (3 min)
Neapolitan Dance -Tune. Op.39 No. 18 (1 min)
Sweet Reveries. Op.39 No. 21 (1 min. 40 sec.)
Song of the Lark. Op.39 No. 22 (50 sec.)
Kamarinskaya. Op. 39 No. 13 (2 min)
Waltz. Op.39 No. 8 (1 min. 30 sec.)
Autumn Song. Op.37BIS No. 10 (3 min.30 sec.)
Mazurka. Op.39 No. 15 (2 min)
Sentimental Waltz. Op.51 No. 6 (2 min)
Song without words. Op.2, No.3 (3 min.30 sec.)
Nata - Waltz. Op.51, No.4 (3 min.20 sec.)
Soldiers march. Op.39, No.5 (0 min.50 sec.)
Polka. Op.39, No.14 (0 min.52 sec.)
P.I.Tchaikovsky Arias and Dances from the opera лEvgeny Onegin╗. Arrangement by
Grigory Sedukh for violin-piccolo, regular violin and piano.
H.Wieniawski. Fantasy on the themes from the opera by Ch.Gounod лFaust╗. Version for regular violin and violin-piccolo by G.Sedukh.
H.Wieniawski. лRemembrance of Moscow╗. Op.6.

Violin Ц Piccolo solo

J.S. Bach. Cello Solo Suites. (Arranged by G.Sedukh)
Suite ╣ 1.
Suite ╣ 2.
Suite ╣ 3.
Suite ╣ 4.
Suite ╣ 5.
Suite ╣ 6.
A. Knaifel. лTabernacle╗ (лWith a Piece of on the Pavement╗) / л╤ъшэш ╗ (л╠хыъюь эр рёЇры№Єх╗) (2m)
A. Piazzola. Tango-Etude #3 for violin Ц solo.
G.Teleman. Fantasy ╣ 7 for violin Ц solo. (8m. 11s.)
D. Smorgonskaya. Monologues for violin-piccolo solo. Dedicated to Grigory Sedukh. Lacrimoza. (9 min.)
Special Christmas programm in arrangement by R.J. Miller.

1. The Holly and the Ivy
2. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
3. Waltz of the Snowflakes
4. We Three Kings
5. O Come, O Come Emmanuel
6. Carol of the Bells
7. Away in a Manger
8. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
9. The First Noel
10. The Little Drummer Boy
11.Noel (medley)
12. I Wonder as I Wander
13. Coventry Carol
14. We Wish You a Merry Christmas Frosty Nights and Holiday Nights
15. What Child is This?
16. ''Tis the Season (medley)
17. O Tannenbaum
18. O Come All Ye Faithful
19. Yuletide (medley)
20. I Saw Three Ships
21. Here We Come a-Caroling
22. Bring a Torch, Jeanette I sabella
23. Joy to the World
24. O, Holy Night
25. Silent Night
26 R.J.Miller. Elegy.
27 R.J.Miller. Elegy for a Dear Friend

Special Jewish programm.

1. A.Krein.Caprice Hebraique. Op.24.
2. I. Kaplan. Judische Melodie.
3. J.Engel. Freilachs. Op.20, #2.
4. E.Bloch. Baal Shem.
5. A.Krein. Hebrew Melody.
6. L.Zeitlin. Eli Zion.
7. J.Engel. Chabader Melodie. Op.20. #1
8. M.Bruch. Kol Nidrei. Op.47.
9. E.Bloch. Abodah.
10. J.Achron. Dance Improvisation.
11. E.Bloch. Exotic Night.
12. J.Dobrowen. Hebrew Melody. Op.12.
13. D.Smorgonskaya. Stained-glass Windows by Shagal for violin-piccolo and piano.
14. E.Zimbalist. Orientale.
15. S.Feldman. Hebraische Melody. 16. B.Shar. Jewish Dance. #5.
17. A. Krein. Ornaments. Op 42.
18. J.Achron. Hebraische Melody. Op.33.
19. A. Veprik. Suite for violin and piano. Op. 7
20. An.Boyarsky. Nocturne.
21. M. Gnesin. Violinsonate. Op.43. (7m.)
22. D.Shostakovich. Vokal cycle лFrom Jewish folk poetry╗. Op.79
23. V.Basner. Poem. Op.7, No 1. (5 min.)
24. M.Vainberg. Violin Sonata #3. Op.37 (20m.)

Special лVocal╗ programm.

1. Arias from the operetta by Kalman "Sylvia"
1) 1.Act. ╣1. лHaj Ц ho╗
2) 1.Act. ╣3. Duett. Sylvia and Edwin.
3) 1.Act. ╣4. Song of Bonny.
4) 2.Act. ╣9. ''''Do You Remember?╗
5) 1.Act. ╣5. Song of Sylvia, Edwin, Bonny, Farry.
2. Arias from the opera by Bizet "Karmen"
1) Seguedille
2) Aria of Hose
3) Divination
4) Havanaise
5) Gipsy Song
6) Kouplets du Torero.
3. Arias from the operetta by Kalman " Princess of a Circus "
1) ╣ 11. Fedora, Mister X
2) Aria of Mister X
3) ╣ 9. Duett. Fedora and Mister X
4) Violin Solo
5) ╣ 15. Duett. Mabel and Toni.
4. Adeles couplets from the operetta by J.Straus "Bat"
5. J.Rossini. Aria Rosina Una voce poco fa╗ from the opera лSevilleТs Barber╗ in F-Major. (5m.30s.)
6. P.I.Tchaikovsky Arias and Dances from the opera лEvgeny Onegin╗. Arrangement
by Grigory Sedukh for violin-piccolo, regular violin and piano.
7. G.Gershvin. Arias from the opera лPorgy and Bess╗. Arrangement
by Grigory Sedukh for violin-piccolo, regular violin and piano.
8. D.Shostakovich. Romance "Ballad". Poetry by M.Lermontov. op.84
9. D.Shostakovich. Vokal cycle лFrom Jewish folk poetry╗. Op.79
10. G.Verdi. Arias from the opera лLa Traviata╗. Arrangement
by Grigory Sedukh for violin-piccolo, regular violin and piano.
11. G. Puccini. Aria Chio Chio-san лUn bel di╗ from the opera лMadama Butterfly╗.
12. I.O.Dunaevsky. Song from the C/F лMy Love╗
13. G.Verdi. Arias from the opera лLa Travator╗.
Arrangement by Grigory Sedukh for violin-piccolo. (11min.)
14. G.Puccini. Aria лNessum Dorma╗ from the opera лTurandot╗ (2min.40sec.)
15. W.A.Mozart. Aria УDer Holle RacheФ from the opera УDie ZauberfloteФ (2min. 10s.)
16. V.Bellini. УCasta divaФ from the opera УNormaФ (5 min.)
17. R.Leoncavallo. УVesti la giubbaФ from the opera УPagliacciФ (3m.15s.)
18. G.Verdi. Aria of Radames from the opera лAida╗.
19. Ch.Gounod.Air des Bijoux. Jewel Song. from the opera лFaustФ
20. Ch.Gounod.Je veux vivre. from the opera лRomeo at JulietteФ
21. G.Puccini. УChe gelida maninaФ from the opera УBohemeФ
22. G.Donizetti. Com'' e gentil. So anch''io la virtu magica (5m.)

With Violin-Piccolo and Soprano

R.Leonkovallo. Serenade Napolitane. (3min.)
J.Benedict. The Gipsy and the Bird. (2min. 55sec.)
J.Benedict. Capinera. (2min. 45sec.)
K.Hirai. Furusato No. Oh, my native place. (2min. 30sec.)
K.Hirai. Yurikago. Cradle song. (1min. 40sec.)
P.Mascagni. Ave Maria from the opera "Cavalleria Rusticana" (2min. 55sec.)
M.Ponce. My Little Star. (Esterllita). (1min. 50sec.)
J.Offembach. Barcarolle "Contes d''Hoffmann". (2min. 10sec.)
F.Tosti. Visione. (2min. 30sec.)
P.I.Thaikovsky. Romance "None but the weary heart". (2min.)

Special Japanese programm.

Japanese songs:
1. Moon over the Ruined Castle.
2. Nambu Cow-herding Song
3. This Path
4. Sakura-Sakura
5. Lullaby from the Chugoku Area
6. Haru no Umi
7. Rain falls on Jogashima.
8. Red Dragonfly
9. Chin-Chin Chidori.
10. Setting Sail. (4m.20s.)
11. J.Fukamachi. Daisy Chain. (8m.25s.)
12. Moonlight Fanatasy
13. Lullaby of ITZUKI
14. K.Chikuchi. Following a Fantasy
15. T.Ogura. Miyagino

Special jazz program

1. G.Gershvin. The Man I Love.
2.G.Gershvin. Arias from the opera лPorgy and Bess╗. Arrangement
by Grigory Sedukh for violin-piccolo, regular violin and
3. ThereТs Alull In My Love
4. Indiana - Donna Lee
5. T.Monk. Round About Midnight.
S.Joplin. Ragtimes:
S.Joplin. Ragtimes:
6. Elite Syncopations.
7. Entertainer.
8. The Ragtime Dance.
9. R.J.Miller. Salsa.
10. C.Porter - R.J. Miller. лBegin the Beguine╗
11. B.Timmons. Moanin.
12. G.Shearing. Lullaby of Birdland.
13. D.Ellington. Sophisticated Lady.
14. C.Parker. Donna Lee.
15. M.Devis. Milestones.
16. E.Garner. J.Burke. Misty.

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