J.S.Bach. Six Suites for Cello solo. Arrangement for Violin-Piccolo (or traditional Violin) by Grigory Sedukh. 

Grigory Sedukh is the author of more than 300 transcriptions for violin-piccolo of world classical pieces, including a fundamental work - transcription of the Six Cello Suites by J.S.Bach for Violin-Piccolo. The full score of this arrangement was published in St. Petersburg at 1997. Six Cello Suites by J.S.Bach in transcription for Violin-Piccolo was recorded at the St. Petersburg Recording Studio (former "Melodia") at 1999. This unique recording is already ready for selling, but CDs is not realized till now. This recording is waiting for person who would be interested to buy master-tape and to sell CDs.

Special projects
Suite No.3. Bourree. Audio recording
Suite No.6. Prelude. Audio recording
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