Project "Hallo Domenico"  

Project "Hallo, Domenico" is experience of uniting classical music, electronic sound and theatrical action. Grigory Sedukh play five Violin sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti with unique violin-piccolo. Violin part is not include any changes and follow the classical style. Harpsichord part play synthesizer. Synthesizer is performing every movement of each Sonatas with new timbre. Different timbres is corresponding to musical images. Musicians has location on the theatrical stage inside mobile decoration what create certain theatrical acting. Theatrical lights is changing light''s pictures during whole performance. All components together: music with unusual sound, light and mobile theatrical decoration are create syntetical form of the "concert-performance". All described above help audience to understand and feel music deeply.

Music of this project was recorded to CD. This unique recording is already ready for selling, but CDs is not realized till now. This recording is waiting for person who would be interested to buy master-tape and to sell CDs.

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