"Stars and Life"  

Concert at Chiba Planetarium 8.3.2008

Concert at Chiba Planetarium with Nozomi Asahara 8.3.2008

Concert at Chiba Planetarium 9.11.2008

One day I told to myself: I want to play under Stars of the night sky. Life of Stars will be reflecting the images of music what I play. It was birth of my project "Stars and Life". First performance of this project took place 8.03.2008 at the Chiba Planetarium (Japan).
First part of concert include four Violin Sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti. This Godlike, angelic music is came to our World from Cosmos. Planetarium engineers has created special movies about Stars and Planets during my playing. These movies open the images of music by Scarlatti. I play Sonatas by Scarlatti with synthesizer. Every part of each Sonata include different sound in compliance with musical images.
Second part of concert include pieces by P.I.Tchaykovsky from "Children''s Album" and "The Seasons". These short pieces of Tchaykovsky''s genius open the life of human soul. Engineers of the Chiba Planetarium has created pictures of different sides of human life.
Musical part and Engineering part of this project could be varied according with my new musical ideas or specific conditions of another Planetarium.

Video recording 8.03.2008. Chiba Planetarium. Japan. Scarlatti. Extract from Sonata No.5. K.91
Video recording 8.03.2008. Chiba Planetarium. Japan. Scarlatti. Extracts from Sonatas No.4.K.90, No.5. K.91
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