Project "Electric Classic".  

Stage of Planetarium

Diploma prize-winner of first level at the Festival-Competition "Festival''s bridges of Paris".

Multimedia project "Electric Classic".

The idea of the project has arisen in connection with desire of the author to make the non-standard concert programs for performances at the Halls of Planetariums or other Halls which are equipped with video-projectors and large screens. As a rule, such Halls do not allow to put there grand piano, as the accompanying for a Violin-Piccolo (author of the project is first soloist in the World with this unique Violin-Piccolo). Author of the project has decided to create an accompanying grand piano part on the basis of computer''s midi technologies. Author used pictures of great painters, photos of the people, birds, animal for visualization of musical images. All pictures are moving through the computer. Public can see a film in result.
The film is written down to standard DVD - disk. Any DVD - player and any TV or video projector is able to show film with this project. Also film can be seen at any computer.
The project " the Electrical classics " include a few programs with different thematic orientation.

Idea of the program "Signs of the Zodiac".

My idea include the contrast between Ordinary and Mysterious.
Great Russian composer P.I.Tchaikovsky has created cycle of pieces "Seasons"
which include 12 pieces for each of Months. These pieces open
P.I.Tchaikovsky''s images of Russian nature, way of life of ordinary people.
At the same time we knows about conformity each of Months with Signs of the
Zodiac. We knows about conformity each of Signs of the Zodiac with different
characters of persons who was born under each of Signs of the Zodiac.
I will play pieces for each of Months and Signs of the Zodiac.

My task is opening the contrast between ordinary images of Months and
mysterious images of Signs of the Zodiac.
I see the task of Planetarium engineers as creation of special pictures or movies. These pictures or movies need to open images of each Months and each Signs of the Zodiac. These pictures need to be visible together with my performing.

The stage of Planetarium which was designed as circle has interesting quality for my project. The circle of stage could be divided to 12 parts according of 12 Months of Year and 12 Signs of the Zodiac. I will move from one sector to another sector. So, thus
I will play face to face each part of audience during the concert. You can see my idea in the picture in attachment. Therefore I could play in the Planetarium of any stage design.

Idea of the program "Glance into Eternity".

This project could help to understand music better to many people. I have created DVD which include my audio recordings. Also I have created video images which are showing musical ideas of pieces what I play. I am using pictures of Stars and Planet, paintings of great painters. Also I am using photos of people, birds, animals. I have set in motion all pictures. Audience can see cinema-film which open musical images.

May 2010 Grigory Sedukh has won at multimedia nomination of the International Competition - Festival "Festival''s Briges of Paris". DVD of Grigory Sedukh''s project "Electric Classic" has become by prize-winner of first level.

G.Verdi. Entrance and two arias from the opera "Traviata".
J.S.Bach. Flute Suite. Bourree, Polonaise, Badinerie.
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